The academic mission at Indiana Tech Law School is unique and forward thinking. Indiana Tech Law students will have opportunities to experience the law in ways that few students in the nation will.

Indiana Tech Law School is committed to blending theoretical learning with experiential learning, therefore students will begin experiencing the law in first-year courses taught by professors that are nationally recognized for their innovative classroom instruction and experiential style of teaching. Every first-year course and a majority of all courses at Indiana Tech Law School will combine cutting edge collaborative and experiential classroom methods with deeply considered theoretical teaching.

Following an innovative first-year experience, Tech law students will have the opportunity to practice law in their second and third years of law school through a robust offering of externship, semester-in-practice, and clinical opportunities. Every student who matriculates at Indiana Tech Law School will be given the opportunity to earn significant credits in the actual practice of law, under the supervision of a practicing attorney, whether it is in a clinical setting or while practicing law for an entire semester while away from the law school.

When a student graduates from Indiana Tech, he or she will have more hands-on experience, both in the classroom and out in practice, than almost any other law student in the United States. Additionally, Tech law students will have the opportunity to focus their studies in a particular area of the law if they wish, by selecting a concentration to study.