Indiana Tech Law School Receives Flag Gift from Local Kiwanis Club

Date posted: August 11, 2013

Fort Wayne, Ind. — Indiana Tech Law School has received a set of flags from the Kiwanis Club of Fort Wayne and its members to be displayed in the new law school’s courtroom. Dean Peter C. Alexander, who is also a member of the club, said that the gift is very special. 

Indiana Tech Law School Receives Flag Gift from Local Kiwanis Club“A courtroom is one of the most important spaces in every law school, and I am proud to know that ours will be adorned with U.S. and Indiana flags donated by Kiwanis,” he said. The local Kiwanis club is part of an international civic organization of volunteers who work together to promote citizenship and to improve the lives of children and youth.

“A gift of flags to Fort Wayne’s new law school just made sense to us,” said Club President Mary Jo Hardiman.  She explained, “Kiwanis club members hold key values through Kiwanis, two of them being justice and patriotism. Our donation of flags to the Indiana Tech Law School reflects our values and displaying them within the new law school’s courtroom is our way of congratulating the new Indiana Tech Law School for what we see as making a long-lasting impact in the community and the students it will serve.”

Kiwanis member Joe Henderson said that he and several members wanted to add to the amount of the club’s contribution by making personal donations as well. He said, “My wife, Judi, and I wish to show our support of Indiana Tech Law School through our donation to the Downtown Kiwanis Club in the club’s purchase of an American flag to be placed in the law school courtroom. “

George Drew, Wayne Dawson, Jean Vrabel, and local attorney Michael Horton joined Henderson in making personal contributions to the Kiwanis flag fund.

Alexander knows that the Kiwanis club donation, while a relatively simple gesture, is a very meaningful gift. He said, “We plan to welcome the Indiana Supreme Court and the Indiana Court of Appeals to campus and invite them to hold actual court in our courtroom. It is humbling to know that my friends in Kiwanis support our efforts to train the next generation of attorneys in this special way.”