Indiana Tech Law School Receives Major Library Donation

Date posted: December 5, 2012

Fort Wayne, Ind. — Indiana Tech Law School received an anonymous donation in December of a significant library collection. The donor, a businessperson who lives out of state, acquired the library collection of a law school that was not able to earn ABA accreditation. The donor stored the collection with the hope that the books and microfiche it contained would be put to good use someday.

The exact volume count of the collection is unknown, but Dean Peter C. Alexander inspected the collection and was very impressed.

 “There are so many books that they are currently being stored in eight tractor-trailers, and the microfiche collection has been stored in a large climate-controlled storage area,” he said in December. “Everything is in very good condition.”

The law school’s associate dean for library affairs, Phebe Poydras, believes that the anonymous donation is a major step for Indiana Tech Law School. “This gift is wonderful, and it helps us get a significant start on building our library collection. We are very appreciative.”

The donor does not seek recognition in exchange for the gift. The university intends to acknowledge his generosity in whatever way is acceptable to the law school’s new patron. The donor modestly states, “We are happy that we were able to join with your school and help defer some of your library outlay. We wish you the greatest success.”