Faculty & Staff

Who’s Who at Indiana Tech Law School

The faculty and staff of Indiana Tech Law School are committed to the academic and professional success of each one of our students. As the Law School continues to grow, new faculty and staff will be added to make sure every student is able to get the attention they would expect to receive.

Name Title Position Classification
Charles P. Cercone Dean, Professor of Law Faculty, Administrative Staff
andré douglas pond cummings Vice Dean, Professor of Law Faculty, Administrative Staff
James Berles Assistant Professor of Law Faculty
James A. Crilly Technology Support Technician Support Staff
Judith K. Fitzgerald Professor of Law Faculty
Thomas C. Fox Assistant Dean for Administration and Outreach Administrative Staff
Celia Garza Faculty Assistant Support Staff
Jessica Lynn Glassburn Assistant Dean of Admissions Administrative Staff
Aretha C. Green Director of Law Student Services and Adjunct Professor Administrative Staff
Anna T. Johnson Law School Registrar Support Staff
Lydia LaMont Administrative Assistant – Academic Affairs/Administration and Outreach Support Staff
Adam Lamparello Assistant Professor of Law Faculty
Kim Landis-Savieo Executive Assistant to the Dean Support Staff
Guadalupe T. Luna Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law Faculty
Charles E. MacLean Assistant Professor of Law Faculty
Nancy C. Marcus Assistant Professor of Law Faculty
Brian Owsley Assistant Professor of Law Faculty
Crystal Cully Admissions Counselor/Coordinator Support Staff
Phebe E. Poydras Associate Dean for Library Affairs and Assistant Professor of Law Faculty, Administrative StaffLaw Library Faculty & Staff
Steven Richardson Reference Librarian and Assistant Professor – Law Library Law Library Faculty & Staff
Crystal N. Ridgley Associate Director of Admissions Administrative Staff
Janet Riley Cataloging Specialist Law Library Faculty & Staff
Jack Roebel Distinguished Practitioner-in-Residence Faculty
Amanda Ebert Business/Financial Aid Office Representative Support Staff
Vicki Troemel Technical Services Librarian Law Library Faculty & Staff
Shaun Whiteaker Circulation Manager Law Library Faculty & Staff