Full-Time Law Faculty

Teaching Through Experience

The Indiana Tech Law School faculty brings a broad range of interests and expertise that are demonstrated in and outside the classroom. They are committed to teaching, research, and academic excellence and hold degrees from preeminent law schools throughout the country. Their practical experience is deep, varied, and distinguished.

As teachers and mentors, our faculty bring their expertise into the classroom and help our students get the experience they need to succeed in the real world. Outside the classroom, they take pride in making themselves accessible to our students. It is our belief that the amount of attention Law School faculty give to those studying here helps them in ways that are proven beneficial to our students’ personal and professional development goals.

Name Title
James Berles Assistant Professor of Law
Charles P. Cercone Dean and Professor of Law
andré douglas pond cummings Vice Dean and Professor of Law
Judith K. Fitzgerald Professor of Law
Adam Lamparello Assistant Professor of Law
Guadalupe T. Luna Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law
Charles E. MacLean Assistant Professor of Law
Nancy C. Marcus Assistant Professor of Law
Phebe E. Poydras Associate Dean of Library Affairs and Assistant Professor of Law
Jack Roebel Distinguished Practitioner in Residence
Brian Owsley Assistant Professor of Law