The Indiana Tech Law School contains eight state-of-the-art classrooms, a courtroom, several learning and relaxation spaces for students including lounges and an outdoors patio, a three-story library, and everything else our students need to make their time here a successful and rewarding experience.


Law Main Lobby

As you enter the Law School building, you will immediately realize that you are in a different kind of learning environment. The first area you’ll see is Barrister Commons, a vast social space designed for receptions and dinners, and connected to this space is a 3-story atrium that reveals the openness of the Law School facility.


Law School Large Classroom

The Law School building has eight traditional classrooms that accommodate class sizes from 20 to 75. In addition, the rooms are designed to facilitate different teaching methods. There are rooms with fixed seating that will be used mainly for lectures and individual work and rooms with moveable tables and chairs that allow for group work and conference-style presentations. All have power outlets that are easily accessed so that students using laptops and tablets will not have their learning interrupted.


Law School Courtroom

The courtroom has been designed for students to practice their trial and appellate court skills and also for state and federal courts to convene actual hearings on campus. The courtroom is an incredible space with state-of-the-art technology and all of the grandeur of a “real” courtroom. The room also doubles as an auditorium that seats 120 and, from time to time, Law School guest speakers will be invited to deliver lectures and panel discussions from that special location.

Student Lounges & Creative Spaces

Law School Lounge/Study Area

In addition, the building’s floor plan allows student learning to take place anywhere and everywhere. There are several student lounges, collaboration spaces, and seating areas designed to encourage faculty and students to sit down and discuss ideas and issues throughout the building. Teaching and learning do not have to take place only in the classroom or in an office.

Law Library

Law School Library

In the heart of the building, students will find the law library, a three-story space that contains books, electronic resources, study tables, and small-group study rooms that are available not only to students, but also to members of the local bench and bar.

Legal Clinic

Legal Clinic

The first floor of the building also houses a legal clinic that will give students the opportunity to work on cases for real clients as part of their legal education. Our clinics will include an Immigration Clinic, an Estate Planning Clinic, and a Mediation Center. Full-time attorneys will staff the clinics and supervise students in providing service to members of the Indiana Tech community and our neighbors in Fort Wayne.

Outdoor Patio (“The Terrace”)

Law School Outdoor Patio (Terrace)
Not all of the great features of the law school are found inside our building. Students can relax on our patio that faces the main Indiana Tech campus, which is the ideal place to take a study break, eat lunch, or socialize with friends and classmates. The patio is within walking distance of Indiana Tech’s soccer and lacrosse fields, so students can watch our Warriors’ sports teams in action during home games.