Bar Application for the Indiana Bar Exam

It is never too early in your law school career to start preparing for the bar exam. We believe that there are specific steps you can take and resources to become familiar with to maximize your probability of success on the bar exam.

Here are some helpful tips to prepare students who are planning to take the Indiana Bar Exam:


An original and one copy of your application (including all required attachments, reference letters, etc.) must be submitted. Your completed application must be typewritten and submitted in hard copy. All questions on the application must be answered. Do not use N/A or Not Applicable. If the answer is “no” or “none,” so state.

The application must be properly notarized. Incomplete applications will not be accepted and will be returned. Late filing fees and deadlines apply to any incomplete application that is re-submitted after the regular filing deadline. No applications will be accepted after the late filing deadline.

The application should be mailed or delivered to the following address:

IN Board of Law Examiners
30 South Meridian Street
Suite 875
Indianapolis, IN 46204

The application is a continuing application from the time it is submitted until the applicant is admitted or the application is either denied or dismissed. All applicants are therefore under a continuing obligation to update their application regarding any changes from the date the application is submitted to the time of admission or until the application is dismissed or denied.

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The application deadlines for first time applicants and re-exam applicants are as follows:

First Time Applicants (Postmark Dates)

Exam DateRegular Filing DeadlineLate Deadline
FebruaryNovember 15November 30
JulyApril 1April 15

Re-Exam Applicants (Postmark Dates)

Exam DateRegular Filing DeadlineLate Deadline
FebruaryDecember 15December 30
JulyMay 30June 15

Pursuant to Admission and Discipline Rule 15, no requests for filing past the stated deadlines or for waiver of filing deadlines will be accepted by the Board of Law Examiners or the Supreme Court.

Applications for the February Bar Examination will not be accepted by the Board before October 1. Applications for the July Bar Examination will not be accepted before March 1.

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Reference Letters

Three reference letters must be attached to your application and must have original signatures, may not be identical, and may not be from a relative or law school classmate. Email letters are not an acceptable form of reference.

The purpose of the reference letters is to provide the Board of Law Examiners with three (3) independent opinions of the Applicant from individuals who are personally familiar with the Applicant and can attest to the Applicant having the attributes of character and fitness as specified in Admission and Discipline Rule 12.

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Filing Fees

The application must be accompanied by the appropriate filing fee or it will not be accepted and will be returned. The filing fee for the regular deadline is $250 and the filing fee for the late deadline is $500.

Enclose the $250 filing fee for the regular deadline or the $500 filing fee for the late filing deadline. Payment must be made in the form of a certified check, cashier’s check or money order, payable to: State Board of Law Examiners.

Personal checks or firm checks are not accepted.

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Photo ID Requirement

A photograph for identification purposes must be sent with your application. The photo must be passport size, approximately 2×2, and taken no more than two years prior to the date of the application. The photo must be laminated on a 3×5 card and have your name printed on the card.

Applications submitted without a photo ID will not be processed and will be returned.

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Fingerprint Requirement for Police Department

All applicants are required to submit fingerprint cards to the Indiana State Police. It will be necessary to go to a law enforcement facility and have your fingerprints taken. The Indiana State Police no longer will be doing fingerprinting.

State Form 54753 must be completed and submitted with your fingerprint card to the Indiana State Police. Make sure you give a complete personal history on the fingerprint card.

A certified check or money order in the amount of $10 made payable to the STATE of INDIANA must be sent to the Indiana State Police with your fingerprints and State Form 54753.

Indiana State Police
Criminal History Limited Check
P.O. Box 6188
Indianapolis, IN 46206-6188

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Character and Fitness Personal Interview Requirement

A personal Character and Fitness interview is required at least thirty (30) days prior to the bar examination. Pertinent information regarding the Character and Fitness Interview will be sent to you when your application is processed.

A Character and Fitness Committee member from the county you designate on your application will be assigned for your personal interview, which will be conducted in that county.

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Testing Accommodations

Applicants requesting testing accommodations on the bar examination must submit an Application for Testing Accommodations. The Application for Testing Accommodations must be submitted with the application for admission upon examination.

Additional information about testing accommodations can be found at

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Bureau of Motor Vehicles Report(s) Required

Driving record printouts from all jurisdictions in which you have held a driver’s license during the past five years are required for each bar examination.

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Form C3

Students will be required to complete the Form C3. Dean’s affidavit of good moral character and subject matter completion is due 20 days before the date of the bar examination.

Additional information can be found at

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Bar Exam Checklist

Refer to the Bar Applications Checklist to make sure that you haven’t missed any important steps and have reviewed everything carefully.

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