After Admission


Your deposits are non-refundable, but will be credited toward your tuition. You may make your deposits by sending a check made payable to “Indiana Tech” in the self-addressed, stamped envelope that was enclosed in your acceptance packet or online, as follows:

  • Go to the Business Office General Payment Form.
  • (1) Complete the Personal Information section, (2) under the Payment Category section, click “Law Student,” (3) select the “First Deposit ” option from the drop-down menu under “What is this payment for?”, and (4) click Submit. Please note: You do NOT need a student ID number to submit the form.
  • The page will then redirect you to a secure site where your credit card information may be entered.
  • Once you have verified your payment information, please make sure to click Submit to complete your payment.

The deadlines listed below are guidelines and for your information, the deposit deadlines listed in your acceptance letter are the controlling dates.

Fall 2017 Deposit Schedule

To secure your seat at Indiana Tech Law School, please submit your deposits based on the schedule below.

DepositDeposit Description
First Deposit
  • $100 is due on the date listed in your acceptance letter.
  • For those admitted March 1 or earlier, your first deposit is due April 1.
  • For those admitted after March 1, your first deposit is due one month from the date of your acceptance*.
Second Deposit
  • $300 is due on the date listed in your acceptance letter.
  • For those admitted May 1 or earlier, your second deposit is due June 1*.
*Combined Deposit
  • If you were admitted after May 1, your single deposit of $400 is due one month from the date of your acceptance, unless otherwise noted in your acceptance packet.


Please ask one of our admissions counselors for an up-to-date list of popular Fort Wayne living options. Housing is also available on campus.

Financial Aid

Visit our Costs and Financial Aid page for more information on applying for and receiving aid.

Attire for Class

There is no required attire for class, however students are asked to maintain a neat, well-groomed, appropriate appearance.

Stay in Touch

Remember to keep your email and mailing addresses up-to-date with our office so that you don’t miss anything from us. Email us at with any changes to your contact information.