ABA Required Disclosures

Admissions Data (Standard 509(b)(1))

Indiana Tech Law School uses a holistic approach in reviewing applications for admission. Five members of the faculty and the assistant dean for admissions serve on an Admissions Committee and they review every application that is received. Multiple factors are considered when determining whom to admit to our program.

ABA Standard 509 Report

Tuition & Fees, Living Costs, and Financial Aid (Standard 509 (b)(2))

Information about tuition and fees, costs of attendance, and financial aid for the 2017-2018 academic year can be found on the Costs and Financial Aid page.

ABA Standard 509 Report

Conditional Scholarships (Standard 509 (b)(3))

The Law School offers academic scholarships to students based on factors such as LSAT score, academic performance, work and life experience. Scholarships are renewable each year of law school as long as the student maintains a good academic standing.

ABA Standard 509 Report

Enrollment Data including Academic, Transfer, and other Attrition (Standard 509 (b)(4))

ABA Standard 509 Report

Full-time and Part-time Faculty, Professional Librarians, and Administrators (Standard 509 (b)(5))

Information on Indiana Tech Law School administrators, faculty and staff can be found below:

ABA Standard 509 Report

Class Sizes for First Year and Upper Class Courses; Number of Seminar, Clinical, and Co-Curricular Offerings (Standard 509 (b)(6))

ABA Standard 509 Report

Employment Outcomes (Standard 509 (b)(7))

Indiana Tech Law will not graduate it’s first class until 2016, and as such, has no reportable employment data at this time.

Bar Passage Data (Standard 509 (b)(8))

Indiana Tech Law will not graduate it’s first class until 2016, and as such, has no reportable bar passage data at this time.

Refund Policies (Standard 509 (c)(1))

Please see the Indiana Tech Law refund policy.

Academic Requirements, Academic Calendar, and Curricular Offerings (Standard 509 (c)(2))

Academic Requirements

Please visit the curriculum page for information on our academic requirements.

Academic Calendar

Please visit the Law School academic calendar for the most up-to-date information.

Transfer of Credit Policy (Standard 509(c)(3)(i))

Information about Indiana Tech Law’s transfer of credit policy can be found in the Admissions section.

Library Resources

Information about the Indiana Tech Law Library can be found on our Law Library page.


Information about the the Indiana Tech Law School building can be found on our facilities page.