Transfer Students

To be considered for admission to the Law School, transfer applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • The applicant must meet all current admission requirements.
  • The applicant must have been enrolled at a school that satisfies the American Bar Association standard for admission with advanced standing, and must, at a minimum, meet the following requirements:
    • one full year of law study at a school which operates on the semester system; or two quarters (or trimesters at a school which does not operate on the semester system);
    • the applicant must be in good standing at the school from which the applicant is transferring; and
    • the applicant must provide to the law school the following documents: official transcripts of all undergraduate studies and certification of a degree; an LSDAS report; official transcripts of all law work previously undertaken; a statement of class rank, if available, from the applicant’s original law school; a letter from the office of the dean of the applicant’s original law school stating that the applicant is in good academic standing and is eligible unconditionally to continue as a law student at that school; and other materials as requested.

Transfer applicants may be admitted if it appears that the applicants are likely to successfully complete the requirements for graduation from Indiana Tech Law School.  In making this assessment, the associate dean for academic affairs will give primary consideration to the applicant’s law school record including, particularly, class rank, GPA, law school attended, and whether the law school attended was approved by the American Bar Association; the applicant’s highest LSAT score; undergraduate GPA, the undergraduate school attended and subjects taken; and other relevant factors.

An applicant may apply for transfer at any time, but the application will not be acted upon until the applicant has satisfied all the requirements.

Admission of a transfer student is subject to the following limitations.

  • Number of credit hours transferred: Except in unusual circumstances, an applicant may transfer no more than 30 semester hours from an ABA-approved law school. An applicant may transfer no more than 30 semester hours from a non-ABA approved law school.
  • Grade needed for transfer of academic credit: The Law School will grant credit only for a course from another law school in which an applicant has earned a grade that is equal to or better than the GPA required for graduation from that school. Credit may be awarded at the discretion of the associate dean for courses graded “credit/no-credit” or the equivalent, subject to the limitations for receiving credit for non-graded courses at the Law School.
  • Graduation requirement: After admission, the transfer student must satisfy all graduation requirements of Indiana Tech Law School; this may require taking one or more first-year or other required courses which the transfer did not take at the student’s original school, or which the associate dean for academic affairs determines are not equivalent to courses taken at the student’s original school.

Transfer applications may be submitted through the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) website.