Laura Dannebohm

Laura Dannebohm

Assistant Dean for Student Advancement and Assessment

Office: 237

Phone: 260.422.5561, ext. 3457


The Assistant Dean for Student Advancement and Assessment has over 20 years of experience in education, training, and program management experience. In addition to her JD, she possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education. Most of her teaching experiences have been working with students preparing for standardized exams. This has involved extensive classroom teaching experience, as well as significant amount of work doing one-on-one tutoring and feedback. For approximately the past five years, she has assisted hundreds of students pass the bar exam. She has designed and implemented pre-bar programming which assisted students, including at-risk students, to prepare for the rigors of the bar exam. Furthermore, she has practiced in the areas of family law and estate planning, including volunteer and pro bono work in these areas.


The Death of Academic Support: Creating a Truly Experiential, Integrated, and Assessment-Driven Academic Success and Bar Preparation Program (Part I of II)