Indiana Tech maintains two security offices on campus. The primary office is located in the Pierson Center near the main entrance off of Maumee Avenue. The second office is located in Andorfer Commons near the main entrance off of Maumee Avenue.

Security handles all matters regarding campus security and safety. A security officer is on duty 24 hours a day. All students, employees, and guests should promptly report criminal incidents, accidents and other emergencies to both the Fort Wayne Police Department and Indiana Tech security.

Security is also present in the Law School building from 5:00-8:30 p.m. each weekday evening and at other random times.

Fort Wayne Police Department

  • Emergencies: 911
  • Non-Emergencies: 260.427.1222

Indiana Tech Security

  • Ext.: 2230
  • Office: 260.399.2805
  • Mobile: 260.740.6642

Code Blue Emergency Call Stations

Code Blue stations allow you to contact Indiana Tech security or the Fort Wayne Police Department in the event of an emergency.

The stations also can be used to call any extension on campus. There are currently 11 Code Blue call stations on campus:

  • Pierson Center parking lot
  • Law School parking lot
  • Soccer field parking lot
  • Zollner Engineering Center pedestrian walkway
  • Schaefer Center pedestrian walkway
  • Abbott Center parking lot
  • Warrior Fieldhouse parking lot
  • Evans-Kimmell Hall and Frank and Anne Oropeza Hall pedestrian walkway
  • Warrior Row A and B parking lot
  • Warrior Row C parking lot
  • Warrior Athletic Center parking lot
  • Walkway between soccer field and Warrior Athletic Center

The phones have two buttons and a keypad:

  • The large red button labeled EMERGENCY is for emergency use only and automatically dials Indiana Tech security when pressed. An officer will answer and remain on the line with the caller until the appropriate emergency personnel arrive on the scene. If an Indiana Tech officer is unable to answer the call, the phone will automatically re-route the call to a 911 dispatcher.
  • The large black button labeled CALL allows the user to make calls for assistance or convenience. When the black button is pressed, the user will hear a dial tone and can dial any university phone extension or call off campus by dialing “7” plus a local phone number. This feature allows students, staff or faculty to call for an escort or contact friends.

A blue LED light will flash when an EMERGENCY call has been made. The Code Blue stations also are integrated into the university camera surveillance system.

Emergency Notifications

Indiana Tech uses Blackboard Connect to communicate emergency information quickly and accurately through a variety of channels. For more information, please visit

Annual Security Report

As required by federal law, Indiana Tech publishes an annual security report every year by October 1. This report contains three years of campus crime statistics and certain campus security policy statements. You can review this report on the university’s campus safety page or obtaining a copy from the buildings and grounds office in Warrior Fieldhouse.

Policy on University-Issued ID Cards

The university provides all students with a photo ID access card which grants students access to appropriate buildings, dining services, McMillen Library and labs on campus. Student ID access cards are encoded with permissions specific to each student’s needs. These access cards are not to be loaned out or permitted to be used by any other student to grant access to university facilities. If an ID card is used by a person other than the pictured student, the card will be deactivated and presumed lost. To reactivate the card, the student to which the card was issued must bring the card to the associate vice president-student services for reactivation, and a $20 charge will be levied to the student for a violation of the policy.

Students are encouraged to report lost or stolen ID cards to university security immediately. There is a $20 fee for replacement of a university ID card.

In addition, the photos used for university student ID cards are the property of the university and of the student depicted. Unauthorized use of university ID photographs without the expressed permission from the depicted student or the university is subject to disciplinary sanctions.